Activities Around the Resort

  • Swimming
  • Tubing & skiing
  • Fish Derbies
  • Basketball
  • Horse Shoes
  • Swing Set
  • Activities & Games
  • Relaxing
  • Nature Watching
  • Canoeing & Kayaking
  • Sunbathing
  • Just finishing from the dock
  • Tetherball
  • Hiking & Biking
  • Walking to Serpent Mounds or Keene

Activities Nearby

Nature Abounds

Watching a sunrise or sunset. Keep an eye open, you never know what you will see or hear, from the majestic bald eagle, osprey, blue heron, loon, robin, blue jay, woodpeckers or any of the other dozens of birds around. Muskrats, beavers, fishers and minks are all in the area as well as white tail deer, moose and even elk have been spotted close by. With a lake like Rice Lake there are all kinds of aquatic life as well, from turtles (painted or snapper), frogs, toads, minnows. Fish include perch, rock bass, bluegill, sunfish, crappie, brown bullhead, carp, lake herring, large mouth bass, small mouth bass, walleye and muskie. So keep your eyes and ears open, you never know what you'll see or hear.

Spotted Robin

White Tail Deer swimming